Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow in Dubai

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow in Dubai


Can’t wait to drive the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow hopefully soon. For now got the opportunity to appreciate this beauty and the magnificent sunset in DubaiCheck out the full review of this car, EQ Silver Arrow here: Follow me on:Music by:Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy – Mike BlockSummer – Johnny Hwin

are you filming did you see what happened I just did Donuts are you going where EQ silver era in Dubai being offloaded now babies it’s okay we had plans to actually drive this car which is going to be crazy amazing but they went a bit too hardcore the night before and they were on the track with an f1 car and now it’s not drivable unfortunately and they’ve got to send it off to LA to get um to get so big big shame but we’re gonna get our hands on at some point and drivers for now it’s just in Dubai for just like a couple more hours so we’re gonna take some awesome shots and you have to see it through the car if you haven’t yet seen my vlog on this car my video I did one with this exact car at Pebble Beach you can check it out in the description below just um click on the link and you can see all of its cool features and what it can do I was also talking to the head designer of Mercedes Gordon he or his massive part behind this car I was talking to him about you know where his inspiration came from and how he actually comes up with something that’s incredible please make sure to go check out that blog motivations are you feeling did you see what happened I just did doughnuts are you filming were you there you missed it I miss you believe it okay now I gotta get out um luckily this time I’m wearing pants last time I was in a dress it wasn’t amazing just put it that way stay focused beeps a focus from you

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