Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Review | Series 21 | BBC

Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Review | Series 21 | BBC


Hammond is in the dunes of Abu Dhabi to drive a new six wheeled machine from Mercedes Benz – the G63 6×6. Originally developed for the Australian military, it’s now available civilians – as long as you have over half a million dollars to spend! Subscribe: Want to see more Mercedes off-road goodness? Check out this best-of Mercedes-Benz compilation: Clip taken from series 21 episode 4.WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

Let me give you an example. A Land Rover Defender
can wade through half a metre of water and that's very good. This can wade through twice that. However, this being the desert,
water is quite hard to find. So, if you want to test it,
you do have to improvise. Morning, sorry. Sorry. This is, unless I'm very much mistaken,
a metre of water. And the six-by-six is…
wading through it. Even dealing with the rubber rings. Yeah, not having any difficulties
with this at all. But how does it cope with sand? Well, the good news is, sand is one thing
we're really not short of. Welcome to the Empty Quarter… the largest sand desert in the world… covering some 250,000 square miles. Out here,
temperatures hit 50 degrees centigrade. And there are dunes
more than 800 feet high. Okay, we have six-wheel drive with the power split 30-40-30
across the axles… check. Stronger front springs from the armoured
version of the G-Class… check. Locking diffs… oh, we've got those. The most you'd expect normally
would be three. On here, five! And you lock them using these buttons
in different ways. Right, let's go. These are big, big dunes. This is more
of a sand mountain I'm on right now. Three-and-three-quarter tons
of Mercedes is doing this! It just doesn't feel right! This extra axle
and these two extra wheels, it changes the way
the six-by-six travels over the ground. It undulates. It feels supple. It's like blasting through
the desert dunes… riding a sinew. Come on! No! I got some air. Sorry, everybody. Intoxicated by what the Merc could do, I drove deeper and deeper
into the Empty Quarter. Right, where's it go now? 'Cause… Oh, my God! Oh! Oh, for crying out loud! I wouldn't ski down that! Okay. Over the top, over the top… All very unpleasant! Not nice! It's vertical! I'm in a car, I'm having a plane crash! I'm still going down! Oh, what a stupid place! I hate it! Ahead, I saw a nice, flat desert floor
and decided that was a much safer place to be. It's drifting! Now it's a rally car,
a gigantic rally car. And let's not forget,
I'm not having to shout over this. It's not rah in here. I'm still cocooned in luxury. It's an amazing device. Now, when you take an off-roader
across sand, the standard practice, as I've done, is to let some air out of the tyres
to give them a bigger footprint. Now I'm going back on tarmac,
so, I need to re-inflate them. All I've got to do is operate
these overhead switches. I feel like a jet pilot. Compressor on. Going up. And they can re-inflate all of these tyres
in under a minute. Oh, I love this. If I did this in Ledbury,
I'd be mobbed by now. Leaving the Empty Quarter behind,
I headed back towards civilisation. I'm not going to pretend this is anything
less than a preposterous machine. It's a six-metre,
three-and-three-quarter ton, £370,000, six-wheeled dinosaur… but as dinosaurs go,
it is a magnificent one. Magnificent to behold, magnificently made,
it's one of the car world's mad moments, a day off from Priuses and Leafs. Even in a country as chock-full
of showy-offy cars as this one… it's still really rather special. You can forget your chrome wraps
and whatever. I don't think you can beat just having
more wheels than anything else. And I can say with absolute confidence that I have more wheels than any other…
Oh. No matter. One thing I can say
for sure is that this is the most extreme Mercedes out here. I doubt there's anything with
a Mercedes badge in these parts that can draw as much attention…
as that. All right,
so I don't have the most wheels. It's not the most extreme Mercedes
out here, but the six-by-six
does have size on its side. Bigger than any Range Rover,
bigger than any Land Cruiser, bigger than that old Jeep up there
and that's the thing. A car can be beautiful, but when it's big,
it's got presence and they don't come much bigger than… Oh… my… God. I want this one.

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