Mercedes GTR traded for One Turkish Ice Cream ft. REYNMEN

Mercedes GTR traded for One Turkish Ice Cream ft. REYNMEN


I traded the Mercedes GTR for an Ice Cream in Turkey! 😉 Jokes aside, I had a fantastic shoot with The Beast of The Green Hell thanks to Mercedes Turkey, Omar, the owner of the car Recep, and Reynmen. We ended up on the Meteor – a SuperYacht on the Bosporus.Follow me on:Special thanks to:@[email protected]@[email protected] – Music by:Negar – Azam Ali & Loga R. Torkian

what’s up babe another baby another baby another baby never yeah what’s up super couple on the I’m in freezing Istanbul it was or it was 0 degrees yesterday I’m pretty sure it around that today as well I’m just about to drive a GTR right here in Istanbul thank you too Roger who owns this car it’s in the launch color so the bright green which is awesome I feel like every GTR needs to eat this color is this the first time I’m driving a GTR goes first okay I’m just warming my hands we’re gonna go to our first spot where we’re gonna take this awesome picture dumped by the Bosphorus and then film a little skit so let’s go Mercedes is here as well with us today Mercedes assemble so I’m gonna go with the Mercedes peeps for now and then the new owner will join us a bit later on but we have to keep in secret basra stoy oh yeah we’re going on the owners our yacht and when I say yacht I mean likes mega yacht like crazy on look at these seatbelts sorry I get really excited about the small things this is really cool bright yellow seatbelts in a bright green car George okay ready guys right now the owner of this incredible GTR is holding the camera are you nervous no no okay good should I just go no wait for me right Wow you should see the small sphere in the background it’s beautiful look at this location where it we’ve just been shooting a little skit that you’re going to see on my instrument really soon oh well back there Oh ice cream beard under my boot fun we have Angela tooth on the receipt in her she of you he is Raymond I’m doing some selfies at the moment yeah what’s up what’s up how are you good teach me something what’s up in Turkish no that no good Norbert no better now that neither what’s that babe now that’ll be beam not Berber babe now that baby no baby yeah yeah it’s really swapping skills you know his ice-cream skills from my car skills it’s good deal Erica sorry yeah right Raymond yeah can you tell us what your name means Raymond Raymond yeah it’s literally translates to rain man because he like Raymond yeah or kundo you been intimate just it’s the same as you read it like it I don’t say meaning it’s literally literally yeah literally Rain Man Rain Man Rain Man why it’s not raining why are you here yeah yeah yeah it’s not my job to make it rain so if you don’t follow Rain Man already please check him out I guess youtubers in Turkey is awesome great guy champion and he’s just cut his hair so we have an exclusive source your home Wow because last night you had like a shaggy dude early why’d you call it OH I don’t know you just felt like a change yeah Jarek and your followers will like it what what do you think that your subscribers watching it’s burned your fence I don’t know they they didn’t see I haven’t seen it yeah yeah yeah ok alright there you go exclusive on the Rain Man cuts his hair just looking for another location to shoot the GTR and there’s some really cute streets here the sunni a class by the way look at a back I’ve never seen it before later lights looks pretty sleek Omar here he’s a top photographer for cars yeah thank you for showing us thank you say something in Turkish howdy kisses did Galia we lost we lost Alex she’s gone she took GTR finish where is Alex where where is the lake with garlic spinach where is Alex so this guy knows he knows all the cool locations you know I think you see Alex not like really where’s blondie wheres partly it’s the blood that’s what she does she takes super cars and just disappeared big shout-out to Mercedes here in Istanbul making this shoot happen as well bloody streets how cute are they dude you are like gone we were so worried I wrote it yeah yeah at school I mean there’s so much traffic it is simple so you have to apparently you have to go like about 20 minutes away or outside so you can get on the highway and just kind of really push it but we are not going to do that because we are gonna go to a massive yacht the owner of this car also owns an incredible yet yacht yet yeah yes and incredible yacht and he’s invited us on the yacht so I’m excited to do that there are massive fines here for noise pollution apparently a thousand euros for noise pollution oh yeah maybe not here he’s like no please don’t open here yes border of fines basically for noise pollution it’s like this big ygt are out of all the supercars and he said because the tax ridiculous so they’ve got a hundred and sixty percent tax okay give me give me a little raffle ooh just me 1000 euro fine for noise pollution did you see that yacht no I haven’t seen it no oh it’s pulling in someone oh my god it’s like a fairy that’s crazy man Wow Wow Wow I don’t even know how we get there nothing you have to swim oh we have to swim I’ll swing for that that is my little that is absolutely mad I tried it caught like this okay just act normal everyone yeah very normal I’ve seen it all before the owner he’s just calling the boat here okay he’s just calling the boat the captain captain we need you I can see the boat but I can’t get on it come here right now we don’t want to swim I’m translating for you crazy have you guys been on a boat like this before well what’s happening okay we got we’re getting a little um it’s not a dinghy that’s not what you call it like we’re getting a little boat rubber boat a rubber boat shakeela so we’re taking that one to get onto the yacht don’t form I don’t forward okay it’s just like getting in a supercar same great thumbnail though if I fell in you would have watched that come tomorrow Omar Tilda what’s better making photo of car or making photo of vote is ridiculous hold on YouTube hold on YouTube subscribe now going up huh yeah okay here yeah Wow well well well well well this is crazy you have to take your shoes off okay special oh well that’s that’s a way to see you may God take a young Wow on the boss first in night assemble my job is insane ha ha ha what oh my goodness wow this is Wow like the way bigger than now living here so I was like so when did you come on your yacht last yesterday I said ah her cool so he actually come on New York heard a lot he goes well this is where my friends and I come to play like PlayStation so this is like this is like his um like man cave I met him in order to pick us up here they had to take the yachts already an hour to pick us up from where we where we were and just one hour they use two hundred two hundred yeah two hundred liters per hour imagine this on like a sunny summer’s day yeah what you can I guess that’s a poker table [Laughter] that’s it as the Sun Goes Down over Istanbul we’re cruising on the Bosphorus the most amazing yacht I’ve ever been on in my life oh it’s really I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this please like the video give me a quick thumbs up right now you don’t hit it hit it subscribe to my channel a big big thank you to so many people today for organizing Omar Mercedes in Turkey and of course red ship who is the incredibly generous owner of this yacht and the GTR Raymond came as well thank you very much Raymond for making today happen turkey is the best so hospitable I have had a fantastic time I hope you’d liked watching so much more to come

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