Mercedes hypercar stalled in the middle of the Nurburgring (video)

Mercedes hypercar stalled in the middle of the Nurburgring (video)


A video with speed tests of the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar, which the Germans have been actively developing over the past five years, has been published on the Internet. Several prototypes of the novelty are undergoing high-speed tests at the Nürburgring North Loop.

First, one car appeared on the track, the pilot of which was going through difficult turns at really high speeds. This may indicate both that Project One is in the final phase of testing, and the possible preparation of the hypercar for the Nurburgring record among production cars.

Soon the second prototype of the model entered the track, the engine of which stalled immediately after the start of movement, and the driver had to restart the engine.

Mercedes-AMG Project One is equipped with a hybrid power plant based on a modified 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine, which is used on the cars of the Mercedes-AMG factory team in Formula 1. The petrol “six”, capable of spinning up to 11 thousand rpm, operates with an electric motor on the rear axle. The front wheels of the hypercar are equipped with one more auxiliary electric motor. The total power of the units exceeds 1000 horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG Project One is able to accelerate from zero to the first “hundred” in about 2.5 seconds, and it will take about 6 seconds to accelerate to 200 km / h. The maximum speed exceeds 350 km per hour.

A total of 275 copies of the Mercedes-AMG Project One will be produced, each of which will cost about 2.5 million euros. At the moment, all hypercars have already been sold out, but the first cars will reach buyers no earlier than the end of this year.

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