Mercedes in conjunction with Geely to release new engine

Mercedes in conjunction with Geely to release new engine


Daimler and Geely, according to Reuters, plan to jointly develop a ” highly efficient modular engine of the next generation.” It will be produced in Europe and China for use in hybrid powerplants. Cooperation will allow partners to reduce costs against the background of a pandemic and a tightening of economic regulations. An anonymous Daimler representative confirmed this fact, and Geely declined to comment.

Geely, together with Volvo, is already producing the 1.5 three-cylinder turbo engine (pictured) in several variants at the Yiwu plant. Automation of production in key areas, according to the Chinese, reaches 100%. The engine is put, for example, on a hybrid Volvo XC40 and a subcompact Geely Binyue (Coolray).

The project with Geely should not affect Daimler’s cooperation with Renault. In the second half of 2021, Mercedes-Benz will launch a new “heel” Citan, unified with the” third ” Kangoo.

The German newspaper Handelsblatt writes that we are talking about a” secret project Horus”, which should save hundreds of millions of euros. Its implementation is supposed to begin in 2024: Daimler and Geely will be able to produce ” hundreds of thousands of gasoline engines a year.” However, the unexpected “Pact with the Chinese” causes sharp dissatisfaction among trade unions in Germany. Recall that the German-Chinese Alliance emerged in 2018, after the head of Geely became the largest shareholder of Daimler. Geely is now responsible for the future of the Smart brand and owns half of the StarRides joint venture.

Are we waiting for a “common” model from Geely and Daimler?

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