Mercedes introduced a “budget” electric bus

Mercedes introduced a “budget” electric bus


The model has a battery and power the unit from EQV.

A couple of months ago we wrote about the start of sales of the Mercedes EQV – luxury electric minivan based on the model of V-Class. Now the same stuffing and got the basic model, the Mercedes Vito to whose title was added the letter “e”.

In fact the V-Class and Vito are the same car, the differences between them are reduced to the level of equipment: the first is made as comfortable as possible, and the second is designed for commercial operation as a Shuttle to the hotel or even a cargo van.


Model eVito existed before, but still it was the car with 41.4 per-kilowatt battery, which was enough for 150-180 kilometers. Now the new eVito received a 100-kilowatt battery from EQV in which 90 kilowatt-hours are used. Due to this, cruising on WLTP rose to 421 kilometers.

The engine in the eVito also taken from EQV. This is a 204-horsepower electric motor, which drives the front wheels. The main difference from EQV eVito is a much more modest interior, a different set of options and the price.

In Germany, the cost of the passenger version eVito starts from 64 069 euros. EQV significantly more expensive – from 70 € 631.

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