Mercedes introduced the electric Gelandewagen

Mercedes introduced the electric Gelandewagen


Mercedes-Benz unveiled the all-electric version of the G-Class SUV at the IAA Motor Show, which opened in Munich in September 2021. A concept called EQG has been demonstrated at the motor show so far. The debut of the serial version of the model will take place next year or 2023.

Externally, the novelty is practically no different from the usual Mercedes G-Class SUV. The “green” Gelandewagen received a closed radiator grille with a luminous emblem, a special box for storing the charging cable, diode strips on the sides, 22-inch wheels and a roof rack.

At the moment there is already an electric G-Class. True, the development of this car was not carried out by Mercedes itself, but by the Austrian company Kreisel Electric. One of the first copies of the “green” SUV was given to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This vehicle is equipped with a 360 kW (490 hp) electric unit. The SUV is capable of accelerating from zero to “hundreds” in 5.6 seconds, and its maximum speed is 183 km per hour. The engine is powered by a set of 80 kWh batteries, which allows you to drive about 300 kilometers without recharging.

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