Mercedes, it’s not a “shed” for you

Mercedes, it’s not a “shed” for you


Mercedes-Benz may stop selling station wagons. This is reported by the German edition of Automobilwoche, citing insiders. It is assumed that in this way the brand wants to invest more energy in electrification.

According to Automobilwoche, the CLA Shooting Brake will be the first to leave the market. Sales are likely to end by 2025. The final estate is expected to be the E-Class, which will disappear from the price list by 2030.

The future of the CLA Shooting Brake has already been discussed in 2020. Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius talked about the downsizing of the compact model lineup, stressing that the company “went too far” in trying to fill every possible niche in every segment.

Mercedes-Benz COO Markus Schaefer supported the information on the reduction of station wagons. He stressed that the popularity of this type of body is declining due to the growing demand for crossovers and SUVs. In addition, the development and production of electric cars requires large investments, the company will not waste resources on the creation of battery novelties that will not interest the public.

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