Mercedes’ rarest cars ft. Apollo IE

Mercedes’ rarest cars ft. Apollo IE


This is one of the rarest cars in the World! The Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster (No. 6 out of 6) and the CLK GTR (No. 3 out of 25). To see both at the same time is unbelievably rare and to see them with the Apollo IE at the same time nearly impossible.Thank you to the Team at Apollo and the owner of the CLK GTR’s to make this happen in Dubai.Video with James & Richard ft. Apollo IE -Dominguero – Follow me on:…

hey Ryan this is okay you could not do this on a lot of cars that just goes to show the strength of the components Apollo ie incredible made by mark you’re gonna clean it off now I use doing really make them home what’s up its supercar Bundy back in Dubai I’ve got two absolute beasts right here right and left off me this is the CLK GTR roadster Wow look at these doors open pursuits now we’ve got the key okay now this is we’re looking at the Rhodes star right over here five meters is the coupe when have you ever seen two of these cars in the same place this is actually the first time I’m seeing even one of these today so I’m quite we saw this beast go little bit earlier on stage so we’ll show you that this is a beach worlds and earlier this year at Pebble Beach there was one actually off the sale right now twenty-five bills in order to [Laughter] of the CLK these two are Road versions it’s loading that cars up because what they’ve been doing today is taking these cars around the track with the Apolo ie so the Apolo is just next door which is also an insane car also a v12 naturally aspirated and that car is going to be delivered to its first owner very very soon so these two are just being loaded up the owner there’s one owner of both he’s got his trucks here at the moment they’re gonna go off home we’ve got some Spanish speakers over young you might recognize this guy right here Dom in queer oh come on sounds familiar salut a todos Callen espanol Kasem in a supercar vanilla wafer Gloriana hello Sameera to Sarah’s Unidos yeah so he’s also based in Dubai and yeah we’re trying to get as much as we can on these incredible dogs yeah I have no words to describe have you ever seen never ever you need them no we’re getting popped out of the way you guys we’re getting caught the other way where he goes always come on Colin you’re gonna have cars loaded up like this on a daily basis you’re gonna trust your team these guys are good that’s all the key you know why he’s like you’re holding my little um little bag and it gets in the way everywhere so now it’s just on my back sorry the attention to detail that these tapes is almost out of this world I’ve never seen a car actually be stuck in that position for 10 for 10 minutes out because they’ve got to be so careful that the front is not scraped at all so they’re laying down different bodies okay so while they’re loading up the CLK GTR I’m just going to walk over to this shed here whether your polo ie is Ryan’s here we made it all possible today hi guys thanks Ryan I’m just gonna get you guys we’re gonna just keep in there still filming under these lights especially if you haven’t yet seen my YouTube video it go check it out the link is down here with Richard Hammond James May and the Apollo in London fingerprints course probably my favorite who King Kong in the world the sound is also beast it literally thunders from a kilometer away I’ve never heard anything like it in my life here comes oh it is so damn sexy this car guys the action is happening here I know happen I’m getting inside over here where she comes while back Oh Hank where the same influenza tortured soul shower you guys and us to CLK GTR tear into by one road someone Kruger millions and millions of millions of millions of dollars worth of article right here right now and that is it I hope you liked the video give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to my channel that’s where you gonna see all the coolest rarest of supercars and hyper cars around the world I love your mouth

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