Mercedes recalls hundreds of thousands of cars worldwide

Mercedes recalls hundreds of thousands of cars worldwide


Mercedes-Benz has announced a recall that affected 264,393 C-Class and GLC vehicles produced between 2016 and 2020. Hundreds of thousands of cars around the world will be sent for service due to the threat of fire, Die Presse reports, citing the press service of the Stuttgart brand.

According to the German newspaper, we are talking about a possible defect in the gas lines in the so-called inerting system. The inert gas argon is distributed through them, which in the event of an accident should prevent the R1234yf refrigerant from igniting in the air conditioning system when it comes into contact with hot engine parts.

Previously, Daimler used R134a refrigerant, but it was banned due to the negative impact on the environment. After that, the concern for a long time refused to switch to R1234yf, which it considered unsafe due to the risk of emission of toxic gases in the event of a fire in an accident. To protect the system, an inerting system was developed, which is not needed in the latest Mercedes because of the “completely new architecture”, according to the press service.

Almost half of all recalled vehicles, 120,766, were sold in Germany, according to the Federal Motor Transport Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. In all C-Class and GLC service centers Mercedes-Benz will check the tightness of gas pipelines free of charge and eliminate defects if found.

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