Mercedes refuses to compete with Hamilton in electric car races

Mercedes refuses to compete with Hamilton in electric car races


The HWA team, whose key co-owner is Mercedes, refused to participate in the new Extreme E racing series, in which drivers will fight on electric SUVs. The official reason for the refusal is economic factors and the coronavirus crisis, while the team notes that they do not break off relations with the organizers of Extreme E and are still ready to compete in races in the future.

Interestingly, two Mercedes drivers from Formula 1 put up their teams in Extreme E at once: former driver Nico Rosberg and current champion Lewis Hamilton. The latter will somehow represent Mercedes in the new championship.

The vacant place in the championship after the departure of HWA will be taken by the new team Hispano Suiza. Cars of this brand were known in the 30s of the last century, and now the brand is being revived with the electric supercar Carmen.

The Extreme E championship starts in March next year. It was organized by the founders of Formula E. It is assumed that races on standardized electric buggies will be held in protected areas of the planet. The crews will consist strictly of a driver and a female driver, who will pass the distance in the same car in turn.

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