Mercedes Reveals Future of Cars w/ CEO Ola Källenius | The Hangout Ep.3

Mercedes Reveals Future of Cars w/ CEO Ola Källenius | The Hangout Ep.3


This week on The Hangout I chat to Ola Källenius the CEO & Chairman of Daimler AG & Mercedes-Benz AG about the future of cars and car keys and what we can expect in the coming year. In car news, you can buy a bespoke Land Rover Defender from the James Bond Film Spectre, and someone has found a super rare Gullwing Mercedes in a barn in the US. Plus I just bought my new car! Hope you enjoy the show guys xFollow me on:

coming up on the show I’m speaking to the CEO of Mercedes about car keys of the future also a James on cars option and I’ve got my new car that’s coming up all right what’s up guys at supercar blondie here welcome to the Hangout oh babe you didn’t mix it oh right let’s get going car news burst up a James Bond car wait I’m spitting at you one of the cars used inspector the movie is now up for auction this month they use 10-4 spoke Land Rover defenders in the movie as getaway cars only seven of these still exist on one of these babies is now up for auction and it’s been fully customized 37 inch wheels plus a full roll cage and an upgraded engine take you an anti but we’ve got a new department could special vehicle operations to build bespoke vehicles for customers for clients and it’s actually that team that worked on these vehicles they rose the windows had a particularly bruising time they’ve really been tested to their limits in deep snow is a very extreme driver so they really have to make sure that they were fit for purpose and they came through with flying colors you can check that out on the Silverstone auction and that taking place on the 23rd of May right next up in carnies a super rare car has been found discarded in a barn in the u.s. is the 300sl roadster and it was actually hidden away for 40 years known as the Gullwing Mercedes it’s actually one of the most collectible cars on the market today and get this the person who found it sold it for nearly 1.1 million dollars what a find lastly you guys I don’t know about you but I’m missing my car shows used to get out every weekend go down to the local cars and coffee and check out people’s cars that isn’t happening anymore but what’s cool is they’ve kind of a few places have taken these car shows online one of those places is the Petersen museum that’s in LA I actually visited them last year they have one of the most exclusive car collections in the world it is amazing like they have a vault downstairs an actual vault right with the vault door that you have to unlock and get special access to go through and see these cars in they’ve got bodyguards pretty cars hugely protected there are over 200 cars in these stores I mean what what this used to be is just Li space here up until that first wall that you can see they have one of the most exclusive car collections in the world start with movie Cars TV and movie Cars this is the original car from the Green Hornet this one from Die Another Day this is the popemobile know the interesting thing about this car is that the Pope it was made for the Pope but he never actually rode in it because there’s no cover for him but it has been officially blessed by the Pope this is an official point of view this is the very last car that Bobby Kennedy drove in before his this one is opened by Steve McQueen and there are some predictions that this could be the most valuable car in the collection I mean it always depends on what someone is willing to pay for a car right but about 40 million dollars is again Ferrari built this is a 1.5 liter v12 they have taken their cars and coffee meetings online and actually you guys can be a part of these meets what they’re looking for is for you guys to send in a video about 20 to 30 seconds long you just head out the back round to your cart and go this is my car show people what you love about your car and you could actually be featured in the online show that’s pretty cool I got a new car guys super excited and I’m looking at wraps for it what do you guys think of this one I’ve had a few people reach out to me to customize at West Coast Customs reached out just today and said hey let’s do something crazy I’m not sure if I want to go like that crazy with it they’re known for the guys behind the show pimp my ride I don’t know if I’m keen to have like a fish tank and like a subwoofer in the back of my rolls-royce but let’s see what ideas they come up with there might be kind of cool in today’s interview guys I’m really excited about this we are crossing to someone who’s kind of a big deal in the car industry the CEO and chairman of Mercedes this is Ola all right here we are hi how are you good how are you doing so nice to see I’m doing so well thank you so much for coming on the show thank you for having me it looks like you’re not at home anymore you back at work yes I am back at work actually today I’m talking to you from the mercedes-benz Museum here in Stuttgart so are you guys back up and running now in some of our plants we’re back up and running because some markets are starting to gain some traction again so everywhere where we have demand and most of our dealers are open around the world although in this Cove ‘add a very unusual situation customers are still hesitant yes we’re now kind of looking to China a little bit in that they’re one of the first countries really to start opening up again fully what are you seeing over there is is demand kind of back up to where it was we just have the month of April behind us and that was a pretty strong month and our production plants or more or less back to normal in China again so you guys are kind of back up and running at some of your plants which is exciting because there are a few cards coming out that I’m personally excited about I know a lot of people watching this channel are excited about the project one what are you most excited about one of the great things in the job that I have is I get to drive a lot of prototypes and yesterday was one of those days we have a fantastic test track just an hour south of Stuttgart and I spent a whole day driving everything that we have in the pipeline so it’s difficult to pick one you know which one of your children do you love most you have to say everybody you always loved one child more right it officially then it officially then let’s give you three favorites where you mentioned the project project one AMG a hypercar of its it’s it’s unbelievable so that that has to be on the list this is the year where we launched the next-generation s-class which has always been our flagship car it will get let’s call it a sibling here which will be the so called EQs it’s so a fully battery electric version of the s-class if you will are you personally excited about the direction that we’re going in when it comes to electric cars I’m very excited about the metric cars if we go all the way back our founding fathers they invented this industry Carl Benson Gottlieb Daimler inventing the first car in my own career at Daimler I spent time at AMG and I even had the good fortune to work in Formula One as well so I appreciate the love for a really sophisticated combustion engine but we’re at the crossroads now where we have to reinvent the original invention I suppose a lot of people know this but some people watching might not you’re a Swede and you’re heading up a German auto manufacturer are you still hanging out for your dream job at Volvo not really we didn’t evolve we in the family when I grew up we’re really normal in Sweden did you have IKEA furniture I had Archaea furniture so every suite has some piece of Ikea furniture in the room and I still have that today but that that three-pointed star is what what fascinated me as a kid yeah and I found my purpose here so this is this is where I where I belong and where I want to stay even though I respect what they’re doing up in Sweden as well so you’ve been there as you said three decades now looking forward three decades I say the AVT are just over your shoulder there I was lucky enough to see it in person it’s absolutely amazing I love the back how it kind of opens up and dances around do you think we’ll actually see a car like that 30 years from now on the roads I think maybe that car in itself is a few years out but many of the technologies that we presented with this vehicle they will come even down to something that we’re working on in our research department is an organic based battery chemistry that could be compostable so this whole thing about bringing technology and nature in harmony which is also somewhat the underlying message of the Avatar movie not all of that is science fiction there is some true core some true research and engineering core to things that we presented with this vehicle earlier this year so once you’re done with the battery you just throw it in with the carrots and and banana peels in the compost almost almost I can’t like to see that hey I want to show you something hola this is a key it’s actually been designed by it’s a graphic designer so it’s not real but I want you to see this and just get your thoughts on whether or not we might be seeing keys like this in future so you know you can start the engine from the key play around with the doors drive off with from the key are we ever gonna see keys like this absolutely but what I think also will be coming in a not too distant future is your voice is your key so you can just speak to your car you can already speak to the car inside the car you know that we have natural language understanding in Mercedes and it works phenomenally well I think we’re gonna see that move outside of the car in the future and you maybe just summon your car like the old serious wid wid kit of the car that was a robot car David Hasselhoff that would be so awesome I got to drive kid actually through London that was amazing in the tub you should seen their faces it’s so cool a lot of people are working from home now I mean some people have been forced to and others choose to work from home do you think that there’s going to be less demand for cars or the use of cars now that a lot of people are used to working from home and they won’t actually go back to work and they won’t need that commute yes I believe in more home working and so on what I don’t think is that people are going to want to limit their freedom of movement so the need for for a car it’s still going to be there and and maybe to have your own protected space that belongs to you with this unfortunate event that we’re living through now that’s that own space protected space that belongs to you maybe also becomes more important which speaks for using the car and your individual car to degree even more I know that a lot of car company have had to manufacturer personal protective gear for hospitals etc or face shields you’ve been doing that at Mercedes as well going Ford now that you’ve got your production kind of back up and running are you able to still do that on the side manufacturer PPE and also a car we have all tackled this together perhaps the most spectacular project was in less than 100 hours our quote-unquote idle Formula one engineers that could not go racing they re engineered a relatively simple ventilator and put the first prototype through our formula one factory in four days time and we have now produced more than ten thousand of those some of this work I think will continue but of course we’re eager to get back into the car production car and truck production which is what the company is all about is there gonna be any change to your strategy now that you guys have had a little bit of time to step back and look at how to reopen production are there any cars that are going to be put back or on hold for a little bit longer or any cars that you’re gonna push to the forefront faster than you had expected before coronaviruses even though we’re of course in a situation where we have some restrictions and the whole financial picture has changed because of the demand shock that kovat 19 has has cost it’s very important for us to at the same time manage the future so all are important and strategic strategic product projects that are in the pipeline we have more or less been able to keep them on track which is a good thing so many of the evie cars that are in the pipeline as well all of them are coming so we haven’t pushed too many things back let me just finish with you with this little game it’s guess your car we’re gonna see how well you know your Mercedes by their rims okay okay okay I love rims I should be able to make this we all love rims can you guess which car this rim belongs to well this first one is easy and you mentioned it at the beginning of this talk it’s the AMG project 1 you got it I mean I’ll create how crazy is that car Formula One powertrain in a road car we’re actually doing it and and I saw one of those prototypes drive by me yesterday at the track so it’s coming what car does this rim belong to well here’s a clue you see the copper color yeah it’s an electric car okay the rim is a fantasy rim so here’s a show car I would say it’s the electric Silver Arrow show car damn we can’t drink him up okay there you go yes that’s the one okay next here this could be a trick question it looks like the turbine wheel of the original SLR that we did together between Mercedes AMG and McLaren but it’s not it’s not it’s another show car and it’s luxury it’s a Maybach a sports utility sedan that we show yes okay last last one here we go which car does this one belong to I mentioned I think that I worked at AMG this is actually not a real car okay yeah we did a digital fantasy car for the PlayStation game Gran Turismo and this is this is that car oh man you tell you gods all right there you go you can keep your job at Mercedes for a bit longer they’re all up we’re impressed well well thank you if that’s the only test I need to pass I think I’m in good shape that’s it that’s all you need to pass to be CEO it’s really that easy isn’t it yeah I guess thank you so so much for coming on the show with us it’s been such a pleasure well Alex thanks for having me next time on the other side of CO vid we’ll give you some fun products to test maybe that AMD project one is something that would fit in well to your show we’ll see what we can do virtual handshake virtual handshake feels good it’s a deal all right oh ah that’s awesome thank you so much and good luck with all of your restart and let us know what’s happening with the company and we’ll stay across it thank you and take care and be safe bye love you so much thank you so so much for watching the Hangout join me next time on the show we’ve got so much cool stuff coming subscribe to my account if you haven’t yet lots and lots of love to you bye I’m out see ya

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