Mercedes reveals ‘skeleton’ of new AMG SL

Mercedes reveals ‘skeleton’ of new AMG SL


The German brand Mercedes-Benz has shown the body of the future AMG SL sports car, which will take place in the model lineup of the S-Class coupe and convertible.

The body of the Mercedes-AMG SL was designed from scratch and was made from several types of materials at once: aluminum, high-strength steels, magnesium, as well as composites. This element weighs only 270 kg. The main structural component of the future Mercedes-AMG SL sports car is a combination of a space frame and a monocoque body. Its design did not include any parts from earlier generations of sports cars, although the company said that the engineers followed the principle laid down by the iconic 300 SL model: lightness and strength.

Thanks to the combination of hot rolled steel, composite and magnesium inserts, and cast aluminum, the new Mercedes-AMG SL body is significantly stiffer than before. Its torsional rigidity is 18% higher than that of the previous SL model, and its lateral and longitudinal – 50% and 40% higher than that of the current AMG GT sports car. The new AMG SL will become a convertible for the first time, with a 2 + 2 seating arrangement.

The body structure of the Mercedes-AMG SL complies with all internal safety requirements, which, as the company said, are often even more serious than current laws. In addition, the body structure provides for protection of passengers from rollover: arches behind the head restraints, which are extended during a rollover. As noted, this will happen “with lightning speed.” What kind of power units the new Mercedes-AMG SL will receive has not yet been officially announced.

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