Mercedes rolled out the new AMG SL

Mercedes rolled out the new AMG SL


The hybrid essence of the roadster was given out by the charging port hatch under the right lamp – like the five-door GT 63 S E Performance.

We have been observing road tests of the new Mercedes-AMG SL for more than a year: the manufacturer himself published the first pictures of prototypes last August. Another roadster was photographed – and it is very tightly camouflaged.

It may seem strange, because not only the exterior, but also the interior design is no longer a secret – the company showed more than two dozen photos of it back in the middle of summer. Then why secrecy? Perhaps the point is in the plug-in hybrid power plant, the presence of which the developers tried to hide. If you look closely, you can distinguish the charging port hatch. It is not located on the left rear fender, like most of the “rosette” Mercedes-Benz models, but in the stern under the right lamp – like the AMG GT 63 S E Performance, the first hybrid from Mercedes’ sports division.

Like a big hot hatch, the new SL is also AMG’s own development, and in this sense, a similar layout of the charging system seems logical. According to rumors, the roadster will receive at least two modifications with the ability to charge from the mains. The top one will be partially copied from the five-door (its V8-based power plant produces a record 843 hp for serial Mercedes-Benz cars), and the younger one will have electrical components combined with a “turbo four” with a longitudinal arrangement. The internal combustion engine alone will produce about 450 hp, and the total power will approach 600 hp.

The upcoming SL will be noticeably different from its predecessor, not only in engines. It has a soft roof, a 2 + 2 landing formula, 4Matic + all-wheel drive. In fact, the new model will replace the previous generation Roadster, the AMG GT Roadster and the S-Class Cabriolet.

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