Mercedes S-class will be registered in India

Mercedes S-class will be registered in India


In India, the imported S-Class is estimated at a minimum of 21.7 million Indian rupees. That’s about $ 292,000. For the local market, this is almost unaffordable money, at least for the majority of the population. However, this family will soon receive a more attractive price list due to the localization of S-Class production in India.

Locally assembled cars are expected to cost from 17,500,000 Indian rupees ($ 235,500). It’s still expensive, but the savings are clear.

Whether the “Indian” Mercedes-Benz S-Class will differ from cars for other markets is not yet clear. However, the new multimedia with a 12.8-inch screen in portrait orientation will definitely get to such a car. And he will also receive a virtual “tidy”.

At the same time, a number of premium options will disappear from the list of standard ones: for example, a 4D Burmester S-Class surround sound system or entertainment screens on the rear seats.

But on the technical side, it will do without changes. The S 400d and S 450 4MATIC modifications will be available for sale. The first version has a 335 hp engine, while the second is 367 hp. We will find out more details about the S-Class of Indian production on October 7th.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Mercedes S-Class from the FineAuto team:

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