Mercedes showed the functionality of the rear couch of the new GLA

Mercedes showed the functionality of the rear couch of the new GLA


Second-row passengers in the new crossover will be a cozier, roomier and more comfortable.

The debut of the new generation of the compact crossover Mercedes-Benz is scheduled for December 11, the company bombards the information space with new teasers. This time Mercedes-Benz decided to demonstrate the possibility of transforming the rear couch of the new GLA, which, however, the sofa will not be called.

In fact, the second-row seats in the crossover would represent two independent sections, and the back was divided to three parts. The seats are provided also the opportunity for longitudinal adjustment, that allows depending on the task to increase space for passengers or Luggage compartment. It is alleged that at the feet of the riders will be much more space than now, despite the reduction in the overall length of the SUV at 15 mm. apparently, this has been achieved by increasing the distance between the wheels, and also due to the shorter overhangs.

The new GLA offers more space and variability. Click here to stay updated on the world of Mercedes-Benz:

Published by Mercedes-Benz Thursday, December 5, 2019.

In addition, the GLA will increase by about 10 centimeters. Win due to this the developers want to get right on two fronts: first, the novelty will be more like full-blown SUV, not a raised hatch as it is now. Secondly, rear passengers will receive a higher fit, and an increased supply of space above their heads.


Promised a lot of room and front passengers, which will surround the interior, assembled from components, the A-class and seven-seater Mercedes-Benz GLB. Finally, the company assured that will provide new SUV unprecedented range of security systems as standard and as options.

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