Mercedes slightly “upgraded” G-Class

Mercedes slightly “upgraded” G-Class


Update German crossover has received a standard digital instrument panel, more colours in the European range and also the most powerful diesel engine which is available to order for all models.

In may of this year, photospin noticed a prototype of the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 new generation, but still waiting for official announcements from the automaker. Meanwhile, the manufacturer from Stuttgart has updated the SUV and has just announced the modernisation of Europe’s rulers.

First of all, the most powerful diesel for the G-Class, G400d, will now be available for all trim levels and model specifications. Before he was offered only for certain models, but from September 1 will be installed under the hood of any model G-Class without restriction. Six-cylinder engine with compression ignition produces 330 horsepower and maximum torque of 700 Nm in the range from 1200 to 3200 rpm.


The SUV with “square” body type there is a new movement mode in the desert, which can be activated with the Dynamic Select switch. It is designed to improve traction in sandy terrains thanks to the adjustable ESP and throttle response. Currently part of the standard equipment of the Mercedes G-Class has become the trademark digital instrument panel and interior rear-view mirror without frame, formerly supplied with Leather.

Mercedes also optimizes the settings of the model 2021. Available to order kit “Night Package”, which can be purchased now without a package and AMG Line “Stainless Steel Package” (stainless steel). In addition, for the final formation of the style are optional new 20-inch wheels with five spokes with high-gloss black or “Himalaya” grey finish. Color palette for exterior G-Class now also includes three additional shades: gray, green, and blue, inspired by the legendary flowers “from the past model.” Further visual customization is available with package G Manufaktur.

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