Mercedes vehicles will appear from recycled plastic waste

Mercedes vehicles will appear from recycled plastic waste


German car company Daimler plans to start using recycled waste for the manufacture of spare parts for cars Mercedes-Benz.

As a partner to implement this idea, the car giant has chosen an Israeli startup UBQ Materials. This choice is not accidental, because the company has developed a technology that allows you to turn organic household waste including food, paper, dirty plastic and the packaging biomaterial, Auto Informant reports with reference to Bloomberg.

The resulting material resembles that of the thermoplastic, but is harmless to the environment. This factor is important for the Daimler, because he is forced to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions in the production of its vehicles on the environment.


According to representatives of Daimler, product UBQ passed the 100-day test phase and if the expert opinion is positive, this material will begin to use in the manufacture of production cars.

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