Mercedes vs synthetic fuels

Mercedes vs synthetic fuels


Representatives of the German brand believe that synthetic fuels is impractical to use. The only way for automakers is the use of electric batteries.

Some major automakers, including McLaren British and German Volkswagen and Audi, believe that synthetic fuels can serve as an effective alternative to traditional fuels – gasoline and diesel, until such time as the entire auto industry will not go fully into the use of electric motors with batteries. Ingolstadts, Audi even has its own unit engaged in the development and production of so-called “e-gasoline.” However, Mercedes-Benz believes that synthetic fuels should not invest in the medium term.

Speaking in the voice of its Manager research and development Marcus Schaefer, the German company does not consider synthetic fuels as a viable solution and a real alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel.


That’s why the manufacturer will not invest time and money in this area and instead focus on creating a more capacious battery.

The reason for this decision? Mr. Schaefer believes that the transformation of “green” energy in the electronic fuel – a process in which you lose the most efficiency. In fact, he thinks that if you have an abundance of energy, the easiest and most effective way “to put it straight to the battery”.

“If there were more affordable clean energy sources, the first users of such technology probably would be the representatives of the aviation industry. Much later – I don’t see that in the next 10 years – will the auto industry “, he added.

Earlier it was reported that the press service of the German automaker has published photos, which depicted the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class of 2021 model year in coupe and convertible.

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