Mercedes will keep its V8 for another 10 years

Mercedes will keep its V8 for another 10 years


As sad as it is to admit it, AMG is going through hard times at the moment. This is due to its own V8 engines, some of which have big quality problems. But, according to one of the representatives of Mercedes, the company intends to soon improve its reputation, explaining that the huge 4-liter twin-turbo still has time to surprise everyone. And this is even despite the fact that the global car market is rapidly abandoning not the most environmentally friendly V8 engines on the eve of a massive influx of electric cars.

Answering journalists’ questions regarding the fate of the old V8, a representative of the automaker said:

“I’m sure he still has a future. I believe that in the next ten years we will certainly be able to see the V8. We have a huge customer base who absolutely adore their powerful gasoline cars, and I still think all these people will be buying new cars for a long time to come. Our products are in very high demand all over the world. ”

Even if you don’t take into account that AMG has no plans to invest in the development of the next generation V8 engine due to the electrification absorbing the market, engineers still spend a lot of effort to modernize the existing unit. In addition, AMG is working to transform the combustion engines into the centerpiece of the plug-in hybrid system, as has already been done with the new GT 63 S E Performance. The internal combustion engine is paired with a rear electric motor, which allows the unit to develop a total output of 831 hp. This makes it, in fact, the most powerful AMG engine to date.

But despite the fact that the V8 will remain with us for a while, there is every reason to believe that only the most prestigious models of the brand will be equipped with it. For example, it is already known that the next generation C63, and hence the GLC 63, will lose their 4.0-liter unit. It should be remembered that Mercedes has previously announced its intention to fully switch to electric motors by the end of this decade, at least for those markets where the conditions will be created.

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