Mercedes will pay its customers again

Mercedes will pay its customers again


If the court upholds the claim, it will allow some Mercedes owners to receive compensation after the software was allegedly used to cheat emission tests.

Germany’s largest consumer advocacy group filed a lawsuit against Daimler on Wednesday, which it said will make it easier for Mercedes-Benz owners to recover damages in the wake of the diesel-powered emissions scandal. The lawsuit filed by VZBV in a regional court in Stuttgart is intended to set a precedent that would allow owners of Mercedes GLC and GLK vehicles to receive compensation for software that was allegedly used to cheat during emissions tests.

“Those who may have been affected will have confidence that Daimler has deliberately installed illegal devices on several car models,” VZBV CEO Klaus Müller said in a statement.

Despite official reviews, Daimler still denies that it deliberately manipulated the emissions of its cars. The Stuttgart Regional Court must change this fact. This will bring legal clarity to many affected consumers. However, representatives of the Daimler concern stated that they consider the lawsuit against him unfounded and will challenge the claim brought by VZBV.

According to VZBV estimates, a total of 254 thousand Mercedes cars were recalled in Germany. Its so-called Musterfeststellungsklage – or Model Declaratory Action – covers nearly 50,000 Mercedes GLC and GLK models.

The withdrawal was initiated in 2018 and VZBV said it would file a claim before the end of the three-year period.

Daimler admitted no wrongdoing in this matter, which is part of a broader emissions scandal that cost rival Volkswagen Group more than € 32 billion ($ 38 billion) in car repairs, fines and legal fees.

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