MG 6 Pro: It’s like MG 6, but up a notch

MG 6 Pro: It’s like MG 6, but up a notch


MG introduced a new model in China. While the MG 6 Pro is not entirely new, it is a visually modified version of the MG 6 that sits a notch higher and looks a little more aggressive than the car it is based on.

The current generation MG 6 debuted in the Chinese market in 2016 and is the successor to the first generation model sold in the UK. That first MG 6 was actually MG’s version of the Roewe 550, which meant that the Rover 75 components could still be found inside. The current MG 6 was recently revamped a bit in China and is now presented in a Pro version.

Visually, the MG 6 Pro looks like a sporty version of the MG 6 from all angles, but there is something special about the front. MG gives the MG 6 Pro a whole new look. The front of the MG 6 Pro is dominated by a huge grille, but that’s not all. As for the MG 6 Pro, MG deprives it of the relatively traditional headlights of the “regular” MG 6, which are replaced by flatter, wider and even rather familiar headlights for the world.

The placement of the MG logo is also striking: it is no longer in the center of the radiator grille, but in the area between the grille and the hood, which, like the front bumper of the MG 6 Pro, has been completely redesigned. MG is also adding a rather aggressive rear spoiler and matching rear bumper with a diffuser and two grooves to the MG 6 Pro.

Inside, the MG 6 Pro has a fully digital instrument cluster with a three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters. In the center of the dash is a 10.1-inch infotainment screen with a series of physical buttons below it.

Despite its sporty looks, the MG 6 Pro’s powertrain is relatively modest. According to Chinese media reports, the MG 6 Pro’s performance is driven by a turbocharged three-cylinder power unit with 180 horsepower and 285 Nm of torque.

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