MG returns to inexpensive sports cars

MG returns to inexpensive sports cars


The British firm MG Motor, owned by the Chinese SAIC for the past decade and a half, is preparing to celebrate the centenary in 2024. It wants to approach the anniversary by expanding its global presence to 100 markets and increasing annual sales to 1 million cars, writes Autocar.

To achieve these goals, the brand will develop its lineup and try to attract a new audience. The MG5 EV and ZS EV electric vehicles have already gained some popularity in Europe, and now a whole new line is on the way called Cyber, aimed at young people.

Last spring, MG showed off the Cyberster concept at the Shanghai Motor Show, created by London-based design studio SAIC. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the bosses decided to put the battery roadster into production. And now it looks like it’s being prepared just in time for the anniversary.

The MG rep stated, “Guys, we’re preparing a surprise for you. Of course, we remember being a manufacturer of affordable sports cars in the past. Now we are an electric vehicle brand and we are going to surprise everyone by entering completely new market segments.” MG UK head designer Karl Gotham has hinted that a simplified version of last year’s Cyberster will reach dealers.

The said concept had a vintage design, partly inspired by the MGB model, produced in the sixties and seventies of the last century, and an unusual Magic Eye lighting technique, similar to eyes with eyelids. For an electric car, acceleration to hundreds in less than 3 seconds, a power reserve of 800 kilometers on a single charge and an “autopilot” of the third level of autonomy were announced, but if the company is really going to release a budget battery roadster – in fact, the first in the world – then there will probably be go something more modest.

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