Michael McIntyre Nearly Flips the Lacetti

Michael McIntyre Nearly Flips the Lacetti


In the first of our throwback Thursday clips Michael McIntyre nearly flips the Lacetti on his timed lap on the Track.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

I did buy my first car to try and seduce women which was a I got a Triumph Spitfire convertible I had it about six months and I hit a parked Volvo which of all the cars to hit it’s not like I was picking them and and then the owner of the Volvo it was outside he ran out and said he was very very angry and he came outside I said are you drunk and I got I was so flustered and I’ve been told if you get into a crash don’t you move responsibility so I just said are you drunk he said I’m at home having dinner what so what are you driving at the moment at the moment I have well yeah at my wife’s car in my car we have two cars it’s loud it’s a lab and they will but they haven’t might feel a bit guilty about the carpet that I got her because we thought long and hard about you won’t feel guilty because I know you like these big cars oh right a 4×4 car I don’t like that right bmw x5 I like it it’s got seats in you go so it’s gonna just stop I love that though I’ve never had a colour with that I try and drive in the most awkward positions put as father another thing with the modern issue with the car is the parking sensors which is brand new to me as well it just senses with the Kasbah w we just gave it screams but it’s getting closer the little it’s like there’s two little people unseen and they just give no no no describe the other day motorways is the highways of life well after the spit flow it sounds like had a very good club I went into some really bad cars what I had my wife’s car after that which was we shared that that was the mini mini Mayfair that’s all right it’s nice little car and then I had my Austin metro princess one point zero there had no fuel gauge which was a bit of an issue cause out to work out I had to look up the miles per gallon and then count the miles on the mile ometer to work out how much fuel ahead which worked for a time until the milometer broke then I had to guess what a mile was ultimately I ended up getting it wrong and I cried at virtua and I ranted about half a mile I knew there was a patient here and I read there and I needed a jerrycan but I didn’t have one and I presume that sell them in the petrol station and I was queuing up and I completely forgot the word but jerrycan my mind went like and it was quite a long queue as people home and I went hi I need a I need a thing you know oh god it’s a thing that you you know you put petrol in it and the blow just went car [Laughter] the closest I got to is petrol suitcase so this was this is why I suppose because I spent a lot of time with the Metro in there in the looser lane the slow lane with the trucks and the lorries and the horses and all people the only way you could feel better about having such a terrible cow so you would occasionally try and overtake nicer cars on the motorway it’s quite a manly moment you’re sitting there chugging along at 60 which you’re quite comfortable you’ll see like a Porsche in the middle lane I’d say to my wife is your everything it’s like yes what of it I’m having it the princess couldn’t overtake that Porsche it’s a 1.0 I can do this sort of pull into the middle lane you start to get excited then you get to the fast lane when you’re in the fast lane in a terrible car you immediately know you don’t belong big Range Rovers right up behind you flashing retreat – they lose a lane where you belong the horse is in the slow lane going I’ve got to see this I think the top speed was about 76 and you put your foot down and the whole car would just shake uncontrollably and you enjoy take some between 40 to 45 minutes just to pull alongside the port my wife’s getting right and you always have to look over you always have to look over when you’re overtaking to see your victim who are you pause [Laughter] he’s normally on the phone he just sees you guys hold on I’ll call you back some dick from the loser lanes trying to [Laughter] when I’m in the x5 now if I get overtaken I’d even if I’m home I will get back out and retake them get back to you belong I’ve worked hard for this car I have thing is though when we asked if you’d like to come on yes you told the person who run you up that you’d be incredibly fast going around all that I don’t know if I did actually to be honest they try incredibly hard to be fun you said you’d be very fast it was more difficult than I imagined who here would like to see the lab here we go now let’s see I just waited go go go go heading out of this corner oh my god yeah that’s a [ __ ] this ambitiously fast Michael okay now you’re just a cargo again I’m suspecting to go too fast yes we are lost a lot of time there with under stairs are streaming into the Hammerhead trickiest corner did you enjoy this I just I didn’t really lost track of time when I was actually that’s not bad at all no you can relax after that first relax could you really have picked up some second-to-last corner that’s nicely done and then we go just it’s gonna be how close was that to Roma I thought I was it I’ve said my goodbyes it was pretty spectacular wasn’t it it was a very ambitious second half of the lap and a very rubbish first half too fast into the corners mm why do you think where do you think you’ve come anywhere in the middle are we happy with but as the Stig said conditions were perfect Michael McIntyre oh you did it in one minute forty I like that I’m fine with that eight point you’re leaning forward that’s why didn’t I say in the middle there’s a mic in the middle big you are the most average man in an average however you are also one of the funniest ladies and gentlemen Michael McIntyre

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