Michael Schumacher’s wife told about his health

Michael Schumacher’s wife told about his health


Back in late 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a head injury while skiing. Fortunately, he survived, but is still undergoing treatment for his head injury. For a long time, his family did not talk about his condition. The last time it was back in 2014. And their silence is understandable too.

Probably most of what is known about the condition of the rider is known from Jean Todt, who has been a close friend of Michael and his family for many years. Jean tries to find time in his busy schedule and visit a friend.

Netflix has filmed a documentary about Michael Schumacher, which will be released on September 15th. The film probably contains a small interview with Michael’s wife, Korina. A small part of the film was shown by her story to representatives of some media and they conveyed her words.

“Michael is here,” Corinna allegedly says. – He’s different, but he’s here. And it gives us strength. We live at home together, he is undergoing treatment. We are doing everything to improve his condition, so that he is comfortable and he feels connected with his family. ”

Perhaps a few days or weeks after the premiere, this film will be translated and we are also watching to see it. We wish Michael a recovery!

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