Michelin prepares tires from bottles

Michelin prepares tires from bottles


Back in February of this year, Michelin announced that by 2050 it wants to finally launch the production of fully recyclable tires. The goal is bold: such a reorientation will take a lot of time and effort.

French tire manufacturer Michelin wants to make car tires from recycled plastic bottles. To do this, Michelin enlisted the support of the local biochemical company Carbios, which specializes in enzymatic processing technologies.

Disposable bottles cause colossal harm to the environment, and the French decided to fight this dangerous “pollutant” for the planet. Carbios specialists figured out how to make reinforcing fibers for tires out of plastic bottles. In this case, plastic is mixed with special enzymes, which ultimately allows you to create a plastic with the desired properties.

Michelin’s conventional (shredding and remelting) method would not work: in addition to being environmentally friendly, the company must guarantee its customers the reliability of its tires.

With the old recycling process, the reinforcing properties of the plastic would deteriorate, while the enzymatic process preserves the quality of the raw materials.

Previously, our portal said that Renault plans to become the most environmentally friendly brand in Europe by 2030. The French will be helped in this by advanced hybrid technology E-Tech.

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