Microsoft has provided a vehicle for military

Microsoft has provided a vehicle for military


The company revealed details about his new project Tactical Vehicle Microsoft.

The American company released the car, which is new and was created specifically for the military. The vehicle has special functions and can surprise with their capabilities. The model received a large number of sensors, numerous onboard computers and artificial intelligence. In addition, the SUV is equipped with the functions of virtual and augmented reality, which together helps the military in planning operations tactics.

The representatives of the Corporation noted that the modified crossover Tactical Vehicle is a Microsoft Data center on wheels. The software allows to integrate all information flows with the cloud service Microsoft Azure Cloud. Such a solution significantly improves the speed and quality of tactical planning. The new system allows to analyze huge amounts of data from different sources.

At the core of the SUV lies the 12th generation Chevrolet Suburban. The movement of the car is a 6.3 or 5.3-liter eight-cylinder V-shaped engines EcoTec3, paired with an automatic transmission.

Dimensions of the model are 5,7/2/1,89 meters and a weight of 8.3 tonnes. Fuel consumption in the city is 14.6 liters, and on the highway – 10.2 liters.

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