Mid-engined Corvette hooked on problem wheels

Mid-engined Corvette hooked on problem wheels


Chevrolet is facing a problem with the quality of the rims for its eighth-generation mid-engined supercar Corvette: pores are appearing on the surface due to technological disruptions.

As reported by the Corvette Blogger, General Motors has released a technical bulletin describing the quality problems of the wheels of the eighth generation Chevrolet Corvette supercar. Due to a violation of the technological process of manufacturing discs, open pores appear on their surface. The problem with the quality of the casting process affects at least 13,049 cars, but only 10 percent of them have collapsed wheels. GM has not announced a recall campaign on the matter, but the bulletin instructs dealers to replace all four discs if such defects are found during routine maintenance on the Corvette.

It is not required to specially invite the owners of the Corvette to the service for examining the disks. Currently, the problem concerns the rims of the Open Spoke and Trident models. Their replacement will be done at the expense of the manufacturer. Chevrolet notes that all discs found to have open pores will be recycled to prevent reuse. For Corvette C8 generation chrome wheels are not offered as an option – they used to be very popular with Americans, but have recently gone out of fashion, the manufacturer noted.

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