Military Pulls Over Rare Supercar!

Military Pulls Over Rare Supercar!


This is the ZeroUno by Italdesign. Only 5 have been made and sold and it borrows some of its features from the Audi R8 including its V10 Engine & Chassis. They are currently manufacturing 5 more but this time they’ll be convertibles. I get to drive their test car through Milan Italy and this is what happened.Follow me on:Music by:Cat Dance – Man DeLoreanInfinity Waits – Adam Kootman

oh my god the tram driver stopped in the middle of the tracks just so you get out his phone and start filming this car that’s hilarious what’s up guys supercar blondie here in Milano fashion capital of Italy and some would say the world and I’m not here to shop I’m here with one of the most incredible cars it is right here it’s worth 2 million euros right I’m gonna show you around this car today we’re gonna take it out for a drive on blonde we’ve got Salvatore Ferragamo Valentino we’re right on the main fashion street and then we have ito design so we are in the perfect location it’s all design along with all of the major designers here in the world so we’ve got a group like a whole crowd of people looking at this car because there are only five of these built and salt and so it’s very unlikely that you would see this car anywhere in the world they’ve really worked on their aerodynamics here this is a completely new body this is the first car that they’ve done from scratch let’s say you’re on the front so what they’ve done here is this is an air intake goes all the way up here and pushes the air in through this part and out these two right here so it’s this kind of shape and what that does is that pushes the front of the car down right this air comes flowing flowing out of here which actually pulls the heat away from the wheel and then here inside you’ve got this buff in here and what that’s doing is that’s forcing the air on the side of the car to come through here and out up through here and then again pulling all of the heat away from the rear wheel here through these loops this is actually the shape of a ball and the ball is in tile designs all over look this is the bull you see the kind of similar faith here with the horns they would be the horns going up here in the head what’s quite interesting is the exposed real as you you don’t see that very often and the entire body is made out of carbon fiber so it’s a super super lightweight car you’ve got these extra carbon fiber pieces here coming out and what that does is through these holes it pushes more heat out and away from this area cool down the breaks etc okay so there’s some of the cool like bodywork design features from the outside right I’ve got the key here let’s get in did you you don’t get to see these on many other cars leather door lunch this is the interior let me show you what I see Wow I haven’t seen a car draw that much of a crowd in a long time I think it deserves it actually this is even more special I’ve just found out that this is the ghost car which means it is number zero out of five so this is the car that they do all their testing in and it’s basically the first baby oh my god the tram driver stopped in the middle of the tracks just so he get out his phone and start filming this car that’s hilarious look see if this cut he had no reason to stop there there was no red light he just stopped to film the car oh god that reflection looks so sexy I can see it in your car damn they scallops food so sexy it’s all design is funded by the Volkswagen earth and then true ality the this car of that platform howdy all right so it has the same engine the 5.2 liter feet the chassis is heard from the RIT and the good thing about that is you know that you you can get a cool car that looks too – anything else on the road by you that’s why a manufacturer that no their engines notice their parts something that is wrong that you know where to send the car so what’s quite good about oh there’s a military truck behind us much longer no he’s coming to say don’t go through there quick help me we’re going left gonna get a posse on doniphon no possible okay so we’ve got a massive military truck behind us so we’re trying to get through here Wow what did you do what did you do I always get in trouble honestly every every country I go to some kind of office supports over hi do you like the car cool huh they’ve even got their phones out area for pedestrians only and is that it on us we thought I don’t know you even know how that happened we were literally just approaching the area two seconds later we have a military truck behind us nice guys though that will got their phones out what’s that about military gets to go through and I do the next car that you design the goal is to design a car so cool that the military pants yeah not some ministry that I love it anyway some other little yeah yeah okay well we gave it a go anyway gets a lot of attention this car is it a lot with these like cause the heat Geneva see country no one ever knows what they all okay who wants one do you want one everybody got one I want one me me me that was awesome wow what an experience first time driving a zero owner here in Milano and God that got attention I don’t think I’ve been in a car for a long time that got that much attention so I’m super impressed I hope you’ve enjoyed the video please give this a quick thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you’re not yet join the supercar blondie family massive massive thanks to these two wonderful people Christian and from a tile design who have brought this car two hours drive from where they are just so that I can drive it today and share this experience with you on a Sunday on a Sunday no less but they’re just escaping the kids right right really I love you I’m out I hope you’ve enjoyed what

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