Military way forward: the hydrogen future of KIA

Military way forward: the hydrogen future of KIA


Hyundai is at the forefront of hydrogen vehicle technology, as evidenced by the concept cars unveiled a few days ago at the Hydrogen Wave event. Despite access to a Hyundai parts warehouse, KIA has not shown any signs of future hydrogen-powered production vehicles.

According to The Korean Blog, everything will change by 2028. By this time, KIA will unveil its first hydrogen-electric passenger vehicle following the use of this technology in the military.

During the “Hydrogen Mobility Show” in South Korea, KIA Motors President and CEO Song Ho-Sun told reporters that KIA will focus on using hydrogen technology in the military before using it in passenger cars starting in 2028 … He also revealed that the first hydrogen-powered KIA models will be multi-purpose vehicles.

Hyundai’s latest hydrogen sports car concept, the Vision FK, is based on the KIA Stinger. Although the prototype was not intended for production, it used a fuel cell energy converter coupled with a rear-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The military technology that the CEO of KIA is talking about concerns not only cars, but also emergency generators on hydrogen fuel cells. KIA is expected to gradually re-equip its entire range of military equipment in the FCEV, from the smallest and lightest command vehicles to heavier trucks and vehicles with weapons.

FCEVs are better suited for military use than BEVs because refueling takes less time than charging. The company will also replace diesel generators and batteries with hydrogen-powered solutions. They will be faster, more efficient and greener.

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