Minekonomiki pіdvishilot zini na petrol i dizpalivno na cob bereznya

Minekonomiki pіdvishilot zini na petrol i dizpalivno na cob bereznya


Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has announced the average price of gasoline at a retail outlet of 33.79 UAH / liter and diesel fuel – 30.92 UAH / liter, for which the marginal price of gasoline sold at gas stations is calculated on the cob of fierce.

Because of the adjustment of border trading margins, the maximum price for “best” gasoline for sale through gas stations is not liable to exceed 38.34 UAH / liter, for “best” diesel – 35.92 UAH / liter.

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As a reminder, Ukraine has continued the quarantine until 31 March 2022. For the period of June 14, 2021, by Decree No. 474 dated January 14, 2021, having set the marginal trade markup to the average price of diesel fuel, not more than 7 UAH/liter, for gasoline – not more than 5 UAH/liter. Since the end of fierce 2022, the stench has been reduced to 5 UAH/liter and 4.55 UAH/liter, depending on the situation.

Average rate of DP (ULSD 10 ppm) and gasoline (GASOLINE 10 ppm) are shown by Minekonomiki on the basis of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, carried out on the basis of Platts CIF NWE data for the previous decade, the amount of payments (excise tax and VAT), the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, as well as $27/ton for logistics and other security, according to the latest economic agreements.

Mineconomics also clarified that the maximum trade markup does not fall under the “branded premium price” with the reduction in quality indicators.

At the Ministry, it is important that the state regulation of prices for sales through the gas stations of gasoline A-92, A-95 and DP through the marginal trade markup is necessary due to the method of harming the subjects of the government and the availability of fuel for the population. /p>

The average prices for one liter of diesel fuel and gasoline can be set by the Ministry until the 3rd, 13th and 23rd.

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