MINI decided to set an unusual record at the Nurburgring

MINI decided to set an unusual record at the Nurburgring


MINI has decided to set an unusual record: to make a lap at the Nurburgring for electric Cooper SE, not through the brake pedal. Thus, the German brand intends to show the efficiency of a two-level system recovery.

In the recovery mode traction motor acts as a generator and returns some of the kinetic energy generated during braking back into the battery. Audi e-tron, for example, the recovery works on the decelerations of up to 0.3 g and provides up to 30 percent reserve. MINI Cooper SE all a bit easier. There are two levels of intensity: standard (0,19 g) and soft (0,11 g). They are selected by the toggle switch on the center console.


Cycling the mode, it is possible with optimum efficiency to pass bundles of steep and gentle turns – MINI gives the example curves of Br?nnchen, Eiskurve and Pflanzgarten. But especially notable is the work of recovery is after the direct out of Galgenkopf, when the accumulated charge is released to intensive acceleration. However, how fast will Cooper SE on the “Nordschleife” remains to be seen.

Spring pre-production prototype of the MINI Cooper SE, equipped with a 184-horsepower electric motor (270 Nm) and the traction battery by 32.6 per kilowatt-hour, towed the 150-ton cargo Boeing 777F.

Have you tried to go “one pedal”?

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