Mini has announced a special Mini version Remastered

Mini has announced a special Mini version Remastered


Limited edition will receive an individual color combination and the upgraded engine is A series of racing specialist Oselli.


Company David Brown Automotive in honor of the 60th anniversary of the brand introduced a special edition of its Mini Remastered. The model that will be produced in limited edition, will be presented next month at Goodwood for a special event. The novelty will receive a number of performance improvements for modifications and special color schemes. Original engine Mini A-Series will be saved, but experts on the revision of the car Mini Studio Oselli modified it.

Note that the company began operations in 1962 and was previously known Oxford Engine Services (OES). She specializiruetsya on the revision of the car MG Rover/BMC Mini.

There is no information about the specific improvements, which got the car, but perhaps a special edition will be equipped with a lightweight camshaft, heavy head and oil pump-high pressure, as in the case of other cars with the engine A-Series, which currently sells Oselli.

In addition to the unique livery and the upgraded engine, a special edition Remastered Mini will be offered with additional racing suits and helmets.

“We are experts in designing and creating cars, while Oselli complements our combined knowledge, adding features racing our cars for many years. The classic Mini has a rich racing heritage, and our new car, which will soon be presented, it gives customers another reason to buy a Mini Remastered, now that we also orientirueshsya performance,” — said the founder of the company David brown.

Will be built just 60 copies of a special model, and it is expected that their value will amount to 75 thousand pounds.


Remastered Mini was introduced in 2017 as a more safe, more luxurious and subtly modified version of the citicar, 1959, which designed the designer Alex Issigonis. The release of two previous special editions, “Inspired by the Caf? Racers” and “Inspired by Monte Carlo”, was limited to just 25 copies.

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