Mini Oselli review: can a tiny restomod be worth £130k?

Mini Oselli review: can a tiny restomod be worth £130k?


If you’re anything like us here at , you’ll be growing weary of modern cars getting faster, yes, but also bigger, blunter, fatter and more detached from the process of driving. You’re probably craving something small, raucous and chuckable, something that doesn’t need big power to make you zip along, grinning like an idiot. Well, this stripey little scamp called the Mini Remastered Oselli Edition might be just what the doctor ordered. Or is it? Magazine’s Jack Rix had a go to find out. Chris Harris on… Restomods: FIRST DRIVE: Singer’s DLS Project: Magazine Speed Week 2021: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

you know if you’re anything like us here at top gear you’ll be getting a bit weary of modern cars getting faster yes but also bigger blunter fatter and more detached from the process of driving what you’re probably craving is something that’s small raucous chuckable and doesn’t need massive power to make you grin like an idiot this thing is called the mini remastered ortelly edition and it’s here to restore our faith in fast cars it’s the work of silverstone-based david brown automotive who’ve been knocking out high-end wrestler mob minis for a few years now under the mini remastered banner but this this is something altogether different this is the high performance version built in conjunction with mini engine tuning specialists aceli so let’s start here with this aceli tuned a series engine it’s been enlarged to 1450 cc it gets twin su carburetors significant internal mods and now produces 125 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 113 pounds feet of torque at four and a half thousand rpm which might not sound like a lot but just look at it it’s ridiculously small i drove a bmw x7 the other day and it had a glove box that was bigger than this as a result not to 62 takes 7.8 seconds again nothing much to write home about but when you’re this low to the ground this involved in the driving process and so used to modern cars that incubate you from the outside world trust me it feels a hell of a lot faster than that and it’s not just the engine that’s been upgraded there’s a limited slip differential ap racing brakes 13 inch wheels with wider tyres adjustable bielstein suspension a rortier freer flowing sports exhaust system and a five-speed manual gearbox specking one of these goes a little bit like this you choose your base color white or gray and then the accents that go on top red blue or green the 60 in the front grill that’s to commemorate 60 years since the original mini was first built that actually happened back in 2019 when this car was first announced and you’ll notice that all the trim is in black because performance and then it’s lavished in black chrome on the bumper on the headlights around on the wing mirrors on the fuel filler cap and around the back you have an extremely spacious boot so long as you have no luggage a center exit exhaust but i’m still not sure about these lights on the inside this has to be the most luxuriously trimmed mini ever made there is literally acres of leather and stitching and knurled metal and a few contradictions too because in the middle of the dash you’ve got a screen here with apple carplay and down here to your right a manual choke now your big decision is whether you go for a two or a four seater do the brave thing go for the two seater and you get bucket seats like this you get four point harnesses in the back although you’ve also got normal seat belts which is what you’ll use every day and a roll cage that’s part trimmed in leather i’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to appreciate that as you barrel roll off into the undergrowth speaking of which let’s go and lob it about a bit shall we okay let’s start with the really good bit shall we and the first one before you’re listening to it it’s the sound ah it is absolutely gorgeous this guttural noise that this tiny little engine in front of you makes big tick for that one the gear shift two i’m enjoying that nice and precise and the gear lever down here is authentically spindly and then there’s the driving position if you’ve ever driven an original mini it will be familiar to you the steering wheel angled away from you your knees up somewhere around your ears and just the sensation of the car being so small around you i can touch the passenger window over there i can probably touch the rear window if i stretched out does this car feel fast not massively no but there’s so much sound there’s so much going on all around you that it doesn’t matter now yesterday we drove this car on a bone dried track and i’ll be honest i wasn’t that taken with it there was a bit too much squish in the suspension and don’t get me wrong i like a car that moves around but there was just a bit too much of a delay between turning in the front end and then the body rolling and then the car actually changing direction but today it’s a completely different story it is absolutely tipping it down with rain here at dunsfold standing water all over the track i can’t see any lines i’m basically just driving down the street here to hammerhead total guess when i turn in but but the car has come alive it feels cheeky it suits the character what david brown set out to achieve with this car it’s sliding around a bit if you turn in on the brakes here comes hammerhead we’ll turn in there oh there it goes ah a little bit of oversteer it’s so much more fun and then on the exit of the corner you just bury the throttle and the amount of grip it finds is really impressive you can feel that front diff just clawing away and finding any purchase it can it’s a totally different car today this is so much more fun and then when you’re bored of going around in circles you can always um yeah just give the handbrake a yank go back the direction it came from look don’t get me wrong it’s refreshing cheeky fun this car but while it feels raw and mechanical in some ways it feels a bit too soft in others like it’s a bit confused caught somewhere between being a luxury city car and a track terrier and that’s not the only problem the other one is the price the four-seat version costs from 118 000 pounds the two-seater starts at 130 000. and nope it’s not april the 1st you can see where the money’s been spent on this thing the craftsmanship is impressive and the idea behind it is commendable but it just doesn’t deliver on the driving front and that price is potty get this you could have one of these or a brand new porsche 911 turbo which means this thing is pitched directly at people that have more money than cents here’s an idea how about the david brown budget edition 25 to 30 grand a bit less leather a few less trinkets and a bit more focus on the chassis that would be something you

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