Mini Ski Jump Winter Olympics – Part 2

Mini Ski Jump Winter Olympics – Part 2


Taken from series 7, episode 7. Click here for part 1 With the rocket-powered mini primed and ready to go, its time to find out just how far this baby will fly.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

The rocket car, primed with
1.5 tons of explosive thrust, began its long journey
to the top of the jump. And half an hour later, the ice grooves
were ready for Chris Bonington's approval. -Don't come near me.
-I'm not touching you. -Go over there.
-Look, I'm nowhere near you. That's really nice. This has never been done before. No, we are in fact at the cutting edge
of cocking about. The time for cocking about,
however, was over. The wall was finished. The target was laid down. And we were now in the hands
of the rocket men. They're filling the rocket fuel. It's going to be an appalling mess. An explosion.
A burning Mini coming down on its roof. Venting red… white… blue. Good venting. Three… two… one… push. Come on, Mini! Armed. Five… four… three… two… one… initiate! Wall's going to be needed. We were a bit short. -We didn't beat the ski jumper.
-How well did it ski! I'm satisfied with that
and, anyway, that's it. I have to go. I have to go back
to the world of daytime telly. -Boys, it's been a joy. Goodbye.
-It's been great having you here. -Thanks for coming.
-That was quite something. Bye!

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