MINI with a great … V8

MINI with a great … V8


The British company Powerflex produces various auto components, primarily silent blocks and suspension attachment parts for different brands and models. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2021, she decided to draw attention to herself with an unusual project: with the help of a number of partners from the British Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association, the company built a MINI hatchback (R56) with a high-speed aspirated V8 4.0 S65 from the BMW M3 E9x series (2007-2013 years). From the “emka” MINI implanted and seven-speed “robot” M-DCT, and rear-wheel drive. And the resulting monster was named Vini (that is, a combination of MINI with V8).

It took four years to create this three-door, because here we had to seriously intervene in the design when switching to the longitudinal layout of the motor and the rear-wheel drive.

Inside, the radically changed Mini gives itself out, although there are not many external changes (widened wheel arches, new rims, Vini emblem).

For such a tiny hatchback, the output is 420 hp. and 400 Nm is a huge load. Unsurprisingly, the entire underside of the car had to be reshaped, bespoke Bilstein coilovers, Alcon brakes with Bosch Motorsport ABS, and modified subframes from the Subaru Impreza STI sedan to fit a BMW M3 Eight and rear differential.

Of course, after the implantation of the V8 4.0 engine and all other alterations, the curb weight of the hatch increased, but not very much, up to 1.3 tons. The source R56 weighed 1.15-1.21 tons (depending on the configuration). p>

The combination of an eight-cylinder unit and a tiny body has been encountered in the world of tuning before. Remember the equally ambitious Aston Martin V8 Cygnet project. But against the background of “green” trends in the industry, such experiments acquire a special brightness, as an antithesis to some battery Mini with filling from Leaf.

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