Minivan based on Volvo XC40 went on sale

Minivan based on Volvo XC40 went on sale


The Geely Jiaji monocab unveiled in 2019 has not earned high popularity in the Chinese market. Given the trend towards a reorientation of buyers from the minivan segment to the crossover segment, it was difficult for a van built on the Volvo XC40 platform to achieve good results. However, this did not force Geely to abandon plans to update it.

It turned out to be rather modest, although the company claims 37 improvements, most of which, however, are not visible to the naked eye. External differences of the new item from its predecessor were reduced to the appearance of a slightly modernized radiator grille and other wheel disks.

In the cabin, the finishing materials were revised, and special antibacterial materials were used in the places with which the hands of the driver and passengers most often come into contact. The base color of the interior was changed from black to maroon and the minivan was installed with an improved air purification system with an ionizer, and the multimedia system was endowed with a display enlarged to 12.3-inches.

The restyled Geely Jiaji is offered to customers in two seat layouts: a 3-seater sofa or two separate armchairs can be installed on the second row.

The line of power units of the model has been reduced to one, so the updated minivan is offered only with a 1.8-liter “supercharged” gasoline engine with a capacity of 183 horsepower, aggregated by a 7-band robotic transmission. Later, the minivan will be returned to a rechargeable hybrid, which will also survive the update.

In the Chinese market, the restyled Geely Jiaji is offered at a price of $ 18,600. Sales have already started.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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