Minivan Porsche Vision Renndienst surprised with the interior

Minivan Porsche Vision Renndienst surprised with the interior


Porsche has shared images of the interior of the Vision Renndienst minivan with an electric propulsion system. The focus is on the asymmetrical design, multiple screens and an unusual six-person seating formula. The author of the project is Michael Mauer.

The driver’s seat is in the center, and behind the wheel is an ensemble of five instruments. There are two more screens on the sides of the front panel, but they are not for the driver, but for the passengers who sit on the sides. However, if the autopilot is working, then the center seat can be turned into the passenger compartment.

The third row of seats is a solid sofa with floating headrests. They can be installed so that they do not interfere with the driver’s vision when he looks in the salon mirror.

One side has a large glass area, while the other is almost completely covered. According to the author of the project, such a solution, on the one hand, provides the necessary overview, and on the other, creates a feeling of security. Also in the images you can see the touch screens on the panels on the left side, but not without traditional controls and physical buttons.

The company developed the Vision Renndienst itself two years ago, but showed it to the public only in 2020 as part of the Porsche Unseen – a promotion during which secret concepts were presented. However, then the minivan could only be viewed from the outside, while the sides were the same: the current version appeared only during the work on the interior. Alas, the car will not go into production.

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