Minivan with Maybach comfort

Minivan with Maybach comfort


Voyah Dreamer was unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. This is a very large and luxurious minivan, which in China is preferred to buy as an executive car instead of traditional sedans, writes CarNewsChina.

The Voyah Dreamer is 37 cm longer than the Toyota Alphard and 27.5 cm longer than the Lexus LM. Its length is 5315 mm, width – 1980 mm, and height is equal to 1800 mm with a wheelbase of 3200 mm.

The Chinese minivan Voyah Dreamer will be offered in a purely electric version or as a hybrid, where a small internal combustion engine will work to charge the battery in motion. The exact parameters of the new items have not been disclosed, but the declared acceleration to the first “hundred” in 5.9 seconds.

The Voyah Dreamer has a full drive. Driving comfort is provided by air suspension. The car has been announced as the first electric minivan on the market. The underfloor battery arrangement promises a low center of gravity as well as good handling.

Voyah Dreamer will also have a 3-row interior layout, but the photos show the most luxurious option. It is designed for only 4 people, and the two sitting in the back get a lot of space, as well as comfort no worse than in the Maybach.

The new chairs are equipped with electric drives, heating, ventilation, and massage. There are ottomans, a refrigerator and a separate infotainment system. The interior of the car is trimmed with leather in white and blue shades with inserts in rose gold. The equipment of the electric car includes a ceiling “starry sky”.

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