Miracle table for T7 Multivan

Miracle table for T7 Multivan


New hardware will be available through the MQB platform.

The next generation Volkswagen T7 Multivan will debut in June, but in the meantime, the German manufacturer continues to stir up interest in the premiere, giving out portions of teasers. This time we are invited to take a look at the wonderful table.

Thanks to the flat floor and the rail system, the multifunctional element can move back and forth and unfold wherever it is convenient. In addition, it serves as a center console for all three rows, and if more space is needed, the table is easy to dismantle. It is not difficult to remove interfering chairs if you need to transport a bulky cargo – this function was previously announced by the manufacturer.

Volkswagen promises that the MQB platform, which the new generation of the van will move to, in addition to a spacious interior and new equipment, will also give an increased power reserve. Also, one cannot fail to mention the changes in the exterior: generous glazing, additional windows in the A-pillars and a different hood were announced. All this can be seen in past teasers.

Volkswagen T7 Multivan will be wider, and the wheelbase will also grow. The traditional parking brake lever will be replaced with an electronic one, and the gear knob will be replaced by a tiny selector. The dashboard design is clearly taken from the current “Golf”, by the way, it is also based on the MQB architecture.

The passenger version will definitely have in its arsenal a hybrid power plant with the ability to recharge. It is rumored to include a 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine.

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