Mirror Chevrolet Corvette

Mirror Chevrolet Corvette


An American sports car for the first time in its history received a right-hand drive version and will be available in the Japanese car market.

General Motors has officially unveiled the new right-hand drive Chevrolet Corvette at Japan’s Fuji Speedway. It should be noted that the car was announced two years ago during the premiere of the current generation. This is the first time in sports car history that a Corvette has received a steering wheel on the right.

Previous generations of the car could not get this option due to the front location of the power unit, since the transfer of the location of the steering wheel was accompanied by labor-intensive layout changes that would greatly affect the price of the car.

The technical part of the right-hand drive Chevrolet Corvette has remained unchanged and the car is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 petrol engine that produces 497 horsepower.

In the Japanese market, the car will be available in two versions, and the minimum price of the model will be 108 thousand dollars. RHD sports cars will also appear in Australia, UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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