Mitsubishi built a crossover hybrid with a gas turbine engine

Mitsubishi built a crossover hybrid with a gas turbine engine


Company Mitsubishi has published the second image of the concept, which will show to the public at the 46th Tokyo motor show in late October. It’s called Mi-Tech, equipped with a hybrid powertrain and an electric all-wheel drive.

The concept of Mi-Tech is described as “electric SUV, giving unprecedented driving enjoyment and confidence on any surface and in any weather”. The SUV equipped with a hybrid powertrain with four electric motors and acting as a generator a compact gas turbine engine. The motors are mounted in pairs on each axis and provide optimum distribution of torque between the wheels. This AWD system was called Quad Motor with Dual Motor AYC.


Another innovation – the man-machine interface with augmented reality and optical character recognition. With the help of the necessary information is not displayed on the displays, and is superimposed on the windshield. Responsible for the safety of the assisting area, Mi-Pilot, which can not only notify the driver of a possible collision, but also to take it over.

In addition to Mi-Tech, at the motor show in Tokyo, Mitsubishi will show the conceptual crossover the Super microvan Height K-Wagon, the Outlander prototype of the fourth generation of a show-Kara Engelberg Tourer and a commercial version of the system Dendro Drive House (DDH) for connection of electrified vehicles to home electrical.

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