Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Impreza (HQ)

Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Impreza (HQ)


Jeremy takes us through the new versions of the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza. Both are complicated, both Japanese, both reach 155mph – so how to separate them? Clip taken from series 11, episode 2.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

let’s try the Subaru first right so it’s got a gear lever and a steering wheel and a key so it all seems very normal but it isn’t because before I set off I have to choose how much traction control I’d like that means going into the vehicle dynamics control system then when you’ve done that you have to choose where you want the power from the engine to go front wheels back wheels you can have it in auto or you can put it into manual six settings for this when you’ve done all that you have to choose what kind of throttle response you’d like sort of quite sporty in sport very sporty in sport sharp or intelligent this is more complicated than my daughter’s mobile phone honestly I am surprised you don’t drive it with one of these but you don’t this car isn’t an anorak it’s where people who make anoraks go to buy their anoraks and life isn’t much better in the new Mitsubishi Evo 10 I have even had to resort to the handbook here it is because there’s a button here that says ASC off now chapter 4 verse 56 and lo an operation noise may be emitted from the engine compartment in the following situations the sound is associated with checking the operations of the ASC at this time you may feel a shock from the brain driving force and steering performance as the vehicle turns while pressing the acceleration pedal who writes this if you push this one I don’t understand oh no wait no no look I know I see this is to tell it whether we’re driving on tarmac or gravel or snow so both these cars are complicated both the Japanese both have four seats but have turbos both have four-wheel drive both were born in the world of rallying most will get from nought to 60 in under five seconds and both have a top speed of a hundred and fifty-five so to try and split them up a bit I’ve devised a simple test involving a small group of rally enthusiasts now I know it’s not very realistic I mean this one on the end for example is a there’s a girl rally enthusiast and true life have no concept of of that anyway this is what I have in mind anyone who’s seen rallying on the television will know that the spectators like to get as close as possible to reaction so what I’m going to do is see how close I can get to them in each of the cars flat out without knowing any of them down okay Mitsubishi first we’ve had a 14 year old set of all the computers for me so let’s see what’s what on the very first attempt I came within half an inch and that put a huge smile on the rally fans faces so now here comes the Subaru here we go ooh sadly the teenager had set the car up all wrong and beated understeered wide the spectators will live it I therefore decided to have another go turn in no power on the back will come round yep that’s the face of a man who’s lost his Bovril so to cheer him up I had one last attempt their name no power this went so badly it’s not really suitable for family viewing in the olden days it was very close between the Evo and the impression it was like Chelsea and Manchester United but but now with these new models it’s like Chelsea and stuff about football what team plays in red that isn’t as good as Chelsea not in Nottingham Forest and it’s not just my close quarters rally test either where the Subaru falls down let’s be honest shall we it is uglier than a war wound it’s far too soft and wallowy it sounds like it’s running on mah GERD on and the only reason they can sell it for 25 thousand pounds is because it has fewer luxuries than I don’t know any Gyptians laboratory so let’s concentrate on the Mitsubishi this is not an Egyptian Scaasi it’s TV screen is a sat-nav it’s a graph showing you your average speed and fuel consumption over the last two hours and it can be used to watch films in your iPod but don’t think this car is aimed at an audience which isn’t old enough to drive yet it will quite literally run rings around the Subaru it’s so much sharper so much more focused better-looking as well and the engine in this fq-360 model is such a tower of power it can keep all four wheels spinning endlessly I know the empty speeds of this corner in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is 65 I’m just going in just so easy it is genuinely incredible alladhina now there is no car that handles even if you have a crash if I still keep going I thought it would be impossible to make a four-door saloon more exciting than the old Evo 9 but with the 10 they have you you

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