Mitsubishi has introduced the concept of MI-TECH

Mitsubishi has introduced the concept of MI-TECH


Cool design and complex technology – so you can see future crossovers engineers “Mitsu”.

What do you associate with the buggy? With rollicking compact jeep without a roof and doors, which cuts through the beach with good company on Board or off? Mitsubishi wants to change this vision with the help of the prototype crossover, called Mi-Tech, shown at the motor show in Tokyo.

The outline of the concept is reminiscent of a buggy, only it looks significantly stronger. The lack of a roof does not seem so cocky when according to the canons no side doors. Handles at the front and wide sills – a classic piece, but the overall appearance looks emphatically futuristic and high-tech.

The interior is decorated in a minimalist way, there is no infotainment system (but why should she?), and buttons is the minimum. But there are digital instrument panel and a projection of augmented reality in the windshield, all with different data about the vehicle’s operation.


The most important thing in this car – the power plant. Transmission is a bit complicated: instead of the usual gasoline motor mounted compact gas turbine motor-generator that can run on diesel fuel, kerosene and alcohol. It is part of a hybrid system, generating electricity for all four wheels. It is argued that such a scheme would provide an unprecedented driving pleasure and confidence on any surface.

About the serial production of the crossover or buggy based on the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech speech does not go yet. However, some technologies can be used in future crossover brand by 2022.

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