Mitsubishi introduced a new generation of Outlander hybrid

Mitsubishi introduced a new generation of Outlander hybrid


Mitsubishi has unveiled a new, second generation Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid. The novelty is based on the fourth generation Outlander, which in modifications with conventional internal combustion engines was released in February 2021.

Outlander PHEV rechargeable from an outlet is practically no different from the standard model in appearance, the only exception is the hatch that has appeared in the right front fender for recharging the high-voltage battery. Also, the novelty is issued by nameplates with the inscription Plug-in Hybrid EV. The length of the crossover body is 4,710 mm, the wheelbase is 2,705 mm. The ground clearance is 195 or 200 mm, depending on the size of the wheels installed.

Inside the second-generation Outlander PHEV, attention is drawn to the redesigned digital dashboard graphics, displaying powerplant status and pure electric range. It is important that the 7-seater modification of the rechargeable Outlander has never been produced before, however, the redesigned battery has allowed the manufacturer to offer an option with such a cabin configuration.

Outlander PHEV retained the 2.4-liter petrol engine. Its power has grown from 128 to 133 horsepower. It is much more important that electric motors have a more solid increase: from 82 to 116 hp. at the front and from 95 to 136 at the rear (the Outlander PHEV has two electric motors, one per axle). Traction battery capacity increased from 13.8 to 20 kWh.

All of these improvements allow the SUV to drive clean electric traction most of the time in urban driving. The range is now 87 kilometers (83 kilometers for the 20-inch version).

In Japan, the Outlander PHEV costs from 4,621,100 yen (about $ 40,700 at current exchange rates) to 5,324,700 yen (about $ 46,900), depending on configuration.

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