Mitsubishi presented a new framed van Zinger on the basis of the Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi presented a new framed van Zinger on the basis of the Pajero Sport


The network was relatively little information on frame van. Some motorists didn’t even know about the availability of this model in range of the Japanese brand. However veins Mitsubishi at odds with success on the Asian market. The uniqueness of this model is that it was built on the platform of the Pajero Sport. It appears buyers of the veins on the frame and a solid off-road clearance.

On the conveyor the machine is from 2005 and has been only one update ten years later. In 2015, a new modification Zinger. Unlike the donor of the Pajero Sport model, Singer got rear-wheel drive. On the eve of the van lit up in Taiwan, after the next update.

In China Zinger is not published under the logo of the brand Mitsubishi. Here is responsible for the implementation of the CMC brand. The monocab 4G69 transformed, and in the cabin. Now the interior is supplemented with transpecies the wheel, tidy digital and advanced media. The car is available in 5 and 7-seater modification of the salon. Mitsubishi has no plans to withdraw the new product to other markets.


The podkapotka Mitsubishi Zinger took a 2.4-liter gasoline engine 4G69. This engine is from the same series as the legendary 4G63 installed in the Lancer Evo. Therefore, in terms of reliability and service life no complaints to him. Peak torque is 206 Nm. In charge of a couple of 5-step “automatic”. Meanwhile, we have sold a full SUV with a solid trunk.

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