Mitsubishi without a roof and doors “declassified” to debut

Mitsubishi without a roof and doors “declassified” to debut


Public premiere of new items will be held at the Tokyo motor show. In addition to intriguing images unusual concept, foreign media managed to get some technical details.

Mitsubishi October 24 is going to show on the home motor show in Tokyo pilot SUV Mitsubishi Mi-Tech turbine installation. New from Mitsubishi, is depicted in the picture turned out great without doors and roof. According to specialized media, such a SUV with a custom design will get the hybrid powertrain from four elektrodvigateli. The energy it produces small gas turbine generator, which took over the functions more usual in these cases, petrol engine.


Wanting to further cool the power plant, engineers used four large round fan.

To feel safe (no door) to the driver and his passengers will help of modern electronic assistants. So, for example, the situation on the road should the automatic control system with human-machine interface. Thanks to it the car will be able to avoid unpleasant and dangerous incidents on the way. If you need electronics to quickly intervene in the steering and brakes. And all the information the driver receives through a special holographic display on the windshield.

How long you think the serial Mi-Tech will be close to the concept?

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