Model Тesla will get a hardware upgrade

Model Тesla will get a hardware upgrade


American automaker Tesla will offer owners of the Model S and Model X, which was produced until March 2018 to install the new hardware. This will make a reaction on clicking the menu display faster, the graphics smoother, and give the system new functionality. However, to pay for the upgrade will need $ 2,500, will also have to go to the nearest Tesla service center.

If the car was equipped with a package of “Full Self-Driving Capability” (that is, among other things, it already has camera circular review), Tesla will launch a function in Sentry Mode. Car, “inspecting” chambers space beside him, starting to react if someone comes too close to a car or relies on it (display a corresponding message). If the intruder breaks the window of the car, activates Alarm Mode in which the alarm system (and the owner receives the message), the display starts flashing, also plays loud music. Camera, all the while continuing the recording, will give a 10 minute “video” of the incident (as proof of the criminal action).

Of course, that’s not all. When the vehicle is not moving, the owner will be able to enjoy Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, viewing content on the display. As well as playing games (for example, Beach Buggy Racing 2) using the wheel and pedals Tesla. Also available will be a function of visualization of real-time traffic as there will be a “Autopilot”.

The fee for renewal will be not only money, but the exclusion of the functionality of the media system of the electric vehicle radio (not just AM and FM, but XM and Sirius satellite). Listen to your favorite stations will have only through the Internet.


To install an “upgrade” for the electric car will not all at once. First, the company will send an invitation letter to undergo the procedure to owners liftback and crossover that have cars with Autopilot Computer 2.5. Next (end of March) will be the owners of electric cars with Autopilot Computer 2.0. For the rest of the Model S and Model X schedule has not been approved, although the company claims that these cars will be able to update.

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