Model 3 for bad roads: Tesla is preparing a package of improvements

Model 3 for bad roads: Tesla is preparing a package of improvements


American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla will release a new specification for the compact Model 3 – with a set of improvements for use on bad roads. It will feature a 25mm higher ground clearance and is being created specifically for India, according to the local editorial office of Autocar magazine. Thus, the clearance of the model will be increased from 140 to 165 mm.

To implement the project, the manufacturer will have to introduce new springs and shock absorbers in the Model 3. The decision to release a version with a high ground clearance was made based on the results of road tests of the car in India. Model 3 does not cope with local typical “speed bumps” – in tests, an electric car in 160 cases out of 200 hit and rubbed against an artificial uneven bottom. Due to the combination of low ground clearance and long wheelbase, the car has an insufficient ramp angle.

Tesla Model 3 has been released since July 2017. This is the most compact and affordable model from the manufacturer – its cost in the United States starts at $ 39.5 thousand. Tesla is just getting ready to enter the Indian market, it is assumed that official deliveries of cars to this country will start in 2022 and will begin with Model 3.

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