Model 3 owner shares Tesla

Model 3 owner shares Tesla


The Shanghai Auto Show has become the scene of protest for the angry Tesla Model 3 owner, who accuses Tesla of constantly failing brakes in her electric car.

A woman visited Tesla’s booth at the Shanghai Auto Show and walked up to the podium, where a Model 3 electric car stood, wearing a T-shirt that said “Brakes are faulty” in Chinese. The rebel was quickly surrounded by guards who, with the help of umbrellas, tried to hide the text on the woman’s T-shirt. However, they were not very successful, as the woman grabbed the umbrellas and threw them away, shouting that “Tesla has faulty brakes” before they finally managed to pull her off the roof of the car.

Tesla’s China office told Bloomberg that the woman is “widely known for repeatedly protesting Tesla’s brake problem.” She previously broadcast live inside the Shanghai Auto Show before reaching the Tesla booth.

A Tesla owner claims that the brakes on her Model 3 did not work, nearly killing four of her family members in an accident. However, Tesla says data on the vehicle showed that the braking and driver assistance systems were working properly during the accident, and the speed before braking was 120 kilometers per hour.

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